Rest In The Battle

Let’s talk about the battle and where do you find rest.

The battle is the many offenses about you, uprisings, attacks, humiliations, perversive actions.  Even your own children are as stubborn mules who rebel in the directed road, who kick back that they seek to tumble your stance.

Riotous behavior stirs a battle that seeks to dismantle the calm.  Others who live in rumblings of their sore spirits cannot abide in a peaceful sanctuary, yet they will cry to be allowed through the gates.   You must resist the unfruitful acts of defiance.  Allowing it into your place that I call holy, for it is where you reside with me and my son, is in defiance to me who brought that peace with your prays.   Those of the rebellious spirits have many ways of cunning.  Their voices are often of purity when they seek your approving.

Where do you find rest from the battle stations of the world?  Many of those uprisings are within your homes, allowing the spirits of the world to take over, planting themselves and spreading their seeds of discord.  If you have the power to claim your peaceful ground, then you have my words that I have already said,

“the word of God is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”. Heb4:12

You find rest in my book of instruction, the words I have put forth for life and godliness.  You will find rest in the quiet of your place of prayer, the sanctuary you claim for peace, it is a place in your heart and in your mind that you allow not discordant thoughts because you place your thoughts upon me, you place the rules of your heart upon that which my son told you, that all you strive for you do so for your love of me and love of your neighbor, so your hearts too are at peace.

You find rest when you have fought the battle for the saving of other’s souls, for I give you the reward of a calm sea even if a storm rages about you.   I give you rest in the battle fields, that even before your enemies, you sit at my table laden with meat of knowledge and fruit of the spirit.

No rest will be sweeter than when you have fought the good fight, for the battle continues against evil; no reward is greater than when you have saved a soul from eternal death.

I give you rest in the course of the battle for it rages till the end, till you have taken your place with my son in the field of eternity.    God’s prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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