A Household Becomes A Nation

A household without spiritual truths as its pillars falls to idolatry and so will a nation.   A mother will hoard her gold, it becomes her shield, tucked into secret corners, for where there is fear of loss, the thief has found his shade.   Without the light of God in a household of fear, a parent looks to amulets and idols, images of false gods held up as tents of safety and faltering hopes.

In the dark corners of a household devoid of truth, how easy for a son to take that which has been hidden away, convinced it would have been his, telling himself and his greedy god he has great need today.   Of what course does that gold take?

A household becomes a nation.  A nation is as a household.  Where are the pillars that truth may be declared so that each household may stand for truth because they stand in a nation that stands for truth?  So few have come to the knowledge of the truth that fear is taking an even graver course as does the path of ill gotten gold.

As a son who steals from his mother, so do the people steal from their nation, under the shade of many guises, so too kings of government and commerce, devising laws to steal from the people and even their own coffers.  None has said but my son to give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to give unto me what is mine.   Where gold has become the currency of faith a household will fall into chaos.  The distribution of gold goes to those with the greatest greed in the falling of a nation, whether of minions who take pay for no service or giants who steal in great quantities.   Then comes the day the people are as slaves, working for their idols yet no pay comes, while those who have become as thieves have slipped away.

A mother falls to idolizing the son who has stolen her savings if he has but offered its return, stealing from me the one true God, her prayers.  Even her praise she offers the offender.   There are those households and nations that are falling for their offenses. Who shall save them if they turn not to the truth?  There is vast iniquity to offer the hard earned coins of others to the fill the void of those who have stolen from mother, father, son, daughter, nation, God.   Without the rebuilding of truth, the walls will continue to decay.  No amount of gold offered will rebuild a house or a nation where there is not the cornerstone of truth, where there is not a King of understanding and strength to make harsh decisions based on truth and the ability to gather all into agreement of the truth.

Nations will fail where households turn their affections to the idols of their own choosing, where fear has turned to the praising of thieves, where sinners are glorified.  Heed my words, that decay continues and seeks to reach out with greedy hands only to steal and topple those who give under false information, that principals of gold, who seek only to protect their hoard, does at the expense of all.

Pray that there be a great voice.  Each of your own households, reach and strive for the truth.  Cast out the will of decay.  Forbid the actions of thievery and lies.  In the name of my son you call to the honor of your home and your nation that it not be defiled with the voice of those who seek sin as their addiction.  For where there are my people claiming my kingdom, there I will be, my son at my side, to whom I have given authority and dominion over all kingdoms.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet 



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