Pray For All Young Victimized By Evil

What is the will of the fathers who take young daughters and give them as a brass or gold, that they be tarnished?  These are those men who act on whims to prove even a trifle will show the value of their manhood.  What sins that follow when a young virgin has been forced into trade, camouflaged as marriage.  These men have sinned a sin they know not what.  For they do not come to me in their planning, but have allowed the seeds of evil to spread over generations and over nations where the soil will have no rest for blood has been shed by unacceptable sacrifice.

Pray for the young of those lands whose generations have sacrificed to wickedness, pray for the widows who have been cast aside for their bodies have been used.   Pray for these nations where a woman would choose death over life of forced union.

I am the one true God over all the earth.  My good ones must rise and pray and save those of the lost tribes, those whose generations have allowed evil to spread and rise as the sprinkling of yeast, as the tares of a field, as the swarm of locusts, as darkness.   My children who have chosen the righteous path, stand and call to truth, call through the waves of the air, the forces of technology.    Call to those leaders who imprison their people with the tactics of religion and rule.  For my son came and shed his blood that all law now stands on true and pure Godly love, that you offer your full hearts to me above all and that you love those who might even seem as foe.

Love with your prayers and your requests that I might loose my heavens armies to guide and minister and light a way for the ministers of love, those who seek the darkest corners of my earth to offer truth and comfort to even those not of my chosen.

 Pray for those who desire the union to be a husband or wife, that they might choose wisely, that those who are of the vine of life come together in peace and lovely unity.  Pray that the influences of media are shed that holy spirit is the seed that binds two hearts as one and deep and true love and respect has a rich soil in which to grow.

Pray for those young who have been victimized by evil, whether that which was planted in their minds through media or by physical attack, for both pushes them to a world of lust and addictions to fulfill the seed of lust that is worldly and evil.  Pray that the tares of sin are sifted and purged that they accept the seeds of truth, the power of healing that comes only with the power of my holy spirit and the power of the truth of my words.

Pray that the young be healed, that nations be healed, that fathers fall to their knees and repent of the ways taught by the generations of their own fathers, ill and forbidden acts forfeited to only those of the seed of perdition.   If you achieve no other goal but to have prayed and loved, you will have found favor in my sight, you have lived worthily.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, Mat5:44niv



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