Those Who Are Grafted Are Protected

The virtuous bride looks forward to the loving protection of her espousal’s heart, even her body being protected under his arm.  Such is the station of my children who have willingly surrendered to the redemption of Christ, stepping under the vast wings of my  embrace.

My Israelites, who faltered many times in their own ways, were subject to many laws including those that redeemed and protected a widow, that a brother would take his brother’s widow as his own, that sons be sired that the lands I gave be protected for the generations to come.

And I blessed those who came together in rightful unions, as I blessed and sanctified even the Gentile widow, Ruth, who was of the Moabites but came to be grafted unto the Israelites for she took me to be her god and forsook all others.   In the death of her spouse, I brought her out of the dearth and into the embrace of a kinsman, one who would see that her value was greater than rubies, who protected her that he took her as his own for through her mother in law, whom she called mother, she knew of the laws of her redemption and was taught to prepare for that proper union.

Prepare yourselves for the coming of Christ, for he is your legal kinsman, for you who believe have also been grafted to the body, and he comes to redeem you as his bride.  Present yourselves virtuous, more valuable than rubies, that those laws he gave you to love me, your god, relinquishing all others, and to love your neighbor be etched on your hearts, that you be virtuous in this world.

Ruth in Boaz's Field

Ruth in Boaz's Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The groom looks to protect, even to death, the life of the bride.  Even my chosen, Boaz, had a pure heart in his desire to protect Ruth and the land of her husband for future generations.  And now my children, you are part of the body of Christ, commissioned to protect those words of my book of life by keeping them in your heart and being ready to answer with truth, offering seeds of truth to your children, harvesting that good wheat, even gleaning that those left behind be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.


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