Ruth, Bought And Redeemed To The Vine

Boaz redeemed Ruth, she who was of the Moabites, they who descended through incest of  Lot’s daughters who acted evil against their father, who allowed his daughters to have him to drink.   Ruth, who would be detested by the Israelites for they knew the evil practices of her fathers, who were yet distant relatives, and the charms of the women who were seducers, proved herself more precious than rubies, following Naomi to the land of my chosen children, to be the wife of a good man and mother of many unto David and to even of my only begotten son.

Ruth acted on her unwavering faith in me, making me her true god, relinquishing the god of her father and mother, leaving them that she might live among my chosen.  She showed in her living to be better than seven sons to her mother in law, that others could see her righteous behavior, that she was seen as worthy.

English: Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2:2-20) Русский: ...

English: Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2:2-20) Русский: Руфь и Вооз (Руфь 2:2-20) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boaz, a man after mine own heart, being a master of others yet humble, blessed those who worked his lands that his harvest was plentiful that his workers followed his words and protected Ruth in her labors.  Ruth who followed not after the young men, followed in the customs of her adopted land, being chaste at home with her adopted mother and obeyed Naomi’s voice, was bought and redeemed by Boaz that she be of the vine.

I show you my daughter, Ruth, that you may know the power of your faith that you may relinquish the curses of your fathers’ that you may leave behind those who are born of iniquity that your hearts are cleansed by the blood of the lamb whether of your own sins or those seeded by generations before.

Through faith and following those single laws set by my son that are built upon love, you have adopted a new land, a fertile soil, that you may prosper and be in health, that you may offer true love unto your one god, that you might follow in the direction set by my son, that you give honor unto that which of me and that which is right.

Even a nation has been bought, that many peoples might be saved.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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