The Seeds Of Life

Hear my voice for I speak in the wilderness and I call in the dark.  I am and I am a sound of harmony and love.  I seek that you might find me.  I love that you might sound the voice that gives me the praise of a one true god.  I planted the tree of life that you might know of choice.  I offer the seed of life that you might know of the eternal love and the new life that is now and to come.  I offered my seed of life that I might offer my son a pure sacrifice that all be washed in his blood.   Know this, that all is to come to pass that is written in my book for life.  Know that my words are as seeds of life that grow as you devour those word, nourishing you, inspiring, building you up into a new man a new woman.  These are seeds of life that grow exponentially, that give a life to others that they too know of eternity and truth.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life (Photo credit: sanctumsolitude)

Listen in your prayers for I am there a seed of light that will explode to many stars.  I am the water the sky and the soil.  I am all that you need for righteousness.  I gave you the stars to know of my abundance and to know of things to come.  I called to men and women who heard my voice, who took on the mantle of faith that their lives were the seed of many more generations.  They, upon their faith and love for me the one true god, turned many tides that even in sin, greater things were done.  Out of the seeds of sin in the world came my son that he offered his life knowing of those things to come for his faith was unwavering, knowing I would give him life and life.  Follow him, he who was the manifestation of my word, that seed of eternal life.  Do as he did, healing the sick, casting out demons, and didn’t he say you would do even more?  For you, my chosen, my children, have much to accomplish and much lies ahead.

The seed of eternal life is within you, it grows as you mature in the words of my book, growing in the power of the spirit that you learn, as Samuel did as a young boy, to know my voice.  Didn’t I call you out of slumber? Was your name brought to your sleeping ears that you awakened with my call.

Seek always to your learning and offering that which you have gained, a new seed of knowledge shared is a wonderful gift that grows.

God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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