The Reign Of Kings The Prayers Of Warriors

Kings that reign over nations with iron fists, subjugate the faces of the people that their women are even hidden.  Truth is hidden that the darkness be not told.  They seek glory for themselves, prancing with glittering smiles and alluring robes.   Yet behind the veils that keep the secrets, treachery reigns.

There are too, kings of commerce and kings of religion at times one and the other are of the same course, the building of an empire to reign for the glory of man.  They will take followers to be their runners, their footmen, their concubines.   They will take your money for prayers and salvation, neither of which can purchased for salvation was already bought with the blood of the lamb.  They will take your value turning their will to yours that your time and energy be poured out as if waters of repentance and service.

Kings of nations who reign under the yoke of commerce give in to the voices of perdition. But what place has a leader to be told what to do by divisive factions looking after their hordes of lucre?   Of free nations, you must pray for leaders with truth in their agenda, men and women after my heart, the one true god, and not after the gods of gold and glitter.   There are many idols who sway the hearts and minds of the simple, watch for them for they pose and posture for their own crowns.

The one true leader reigns with a golden heart, with power of spirit that conquers all.  Look to those who have faith because they follow the real king of kings, they endeavor to walk in his ways, that he be their head for that is what I have arranged such as I arranged the placement of the stars and the galaxies.

I have chosen all before the foundations of the earth, but those who seek to know my book of instruction with diligence, those who seek truth following the steps of my son to do those things he did and more, those who offer from the abundance of their time in spiritual prayer and praise to me, sweet savors and acceptable sacrifices, these men and women I appoint, my humble servants, who are also my earthly warriors, to change the nations and waves and storms, calling to the sheep in words of the spirit, that they be my prophets and teachers that if just one is turned to me, then many are saved.  If many are saved and brought to the wellsprings of life eternal, so much more will my spirit reign that my kingdom be here on earth as it is heaven, in more nations, and other cities, and even to the airwaves cluttered with sinful images.

Prayer that is fervent in spirit and of truth will avail much, that armies of warriors rise up to claim all kingdoms for the king of kings for I have given him all.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.Isam8:11niv
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