kings of sorcery * KINGS OF TRUTH

Kings of sorcery beware of your evil doings for you stir the kettle with wrath and the tails of demons.  Your power is temporary and frail, it is just of your smoke you appear larger than life.

Such is the true station of those who seek to be king of kingdoms with their worldly wisdom, idle chatter is really what they are selling.  What kings speak with the resounding truth, that even the angels hear?  Who will stand and call to those flickering demons that what they sell is a scam?  Few there be who will stand against the tides of the deception called “popular demand”.  Yet the masses are so tired of being fed gaudy lies, tinkling dainties, blackened fantasies.  The world is crawling on its knees in parched desire, panting for a drop of nectar from the fruit of truth.

I cry with tears of sorrow and I cry with tears of joy, for there are many in the fields, hungry for knowledge, straining to look to the sky that a savior might appear.

Bring that voice to the starving nations, the voice that speaks of my son, the one who will be King of kings, the one who led the way from the corruptness of sin unto death to the forgiveness of sin unto life.   Fill the lonely hearts with love, overflowing ever greater love such as shown by him who is the head the groom the one from the beginning to the end of time for he loves with the power of my love and my power that created all the heavens and the earth.

Be my earthly warriors, be kings of truth, those who hear and believe that I have called your name, that kings of sorcery be revealed as vapor and blown away.  Stand for truth with the words of words and bearing always the sword of swords.   I anointed you when you heard me call your name.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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