Even The Wicked Know The Light Of Truth

What is your inquiry?  Have you sought to avenge a one who stands against you?  Rest your bitterness upon the sword of life, for it is of words that cut to the dividing asunder of bone and marrow, it will separate the wheat from the chaff.   Call to me your everlasting God for I am the one who diverts the evil one from you.  Call to me that I might loose my angels, the cast of my heavens armies, that you be protected and not harmed.

Know that you are my sons and daughters though you walk in a wicked land.  Look to the stars, the moon, and the seas and know that the abundance of life I have formed for you.  Despair not at the iniquity of life for they, who are of the weeds, have chosen their path of perdition.  I have many who might be saved, and for them you will have a light that shines, that they see your heart of truth, that they know you are of my seed, full of holy spirit that it flows and never ceases in growing strength as you grow in strength and manifest as warriors in the cruel and wicked world.  You are each my David as he was when he sought the truth in my words.  You are now as my only begotten, kin to the King of kings for you have followed in his path and those words he laid before you, that even those who lay in wicked fields will see you are of truth and some might yield to the truth that they be pulled from the thickets and thorns of sin.

Your love for me never fails when you have take the mantle of life eternal, that of my holy spirit, that you rest in the aura of true power for it is manifest for you, that you hold the spirit of truth as your blade, your shield of faith a buttress of strength.  Hold fast to that which you have learned in my book of instruction, for all is truth and holds greater depths and stores of truth and power.  It is your food your wine your power of knowledge. Forsake it not.  Forsake not the love that I give that you give it to others even if they be kings or foe.

And I and my son are with you always, for you have of your hearts, called my kingdom to earth, that you walk in love and godliness, that your light shines before all men, that even your enemies know you are of my kingdom that they must flee if they not be for you.  For he who is against even a one of my children is against me and they will know of my revenge.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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