The Sword Of Truth * A Laser Light Of Magnificent Power

Light I created with the voice of my soul.  For I am a God of light.  It is of the eternal fires of my heart, burning with a love so fierce, not even the depths of the universe can contain its light.   It is of the longing for my children, that they see truth and not be swayed by the  antics of division, those seeking glory through fear and injustice.

Watch with carefulness the crafty devices of the adversary working in those who believe in their own steps, their sights on reward of fool’s gold.  They are blinded by the glittering call of the temptress.  She beckons with promises, a taste of her nectar will cause even the strong to loose their grip on righteousness.  She promises that her way is not evil, that it is for the glory of truth.  It is the dark truth, that of the underside of the beast, the truth of the foul stench of decay.

Shine the light of my truth, the light of the words I have given you for instruction in right living and loving and eternal life, for it will reveal that the spirits that beckon are not of me, yet they too use my words for their own cause.  Every hierarchy of demon knows scripture, that they might use it for weaponry.  It might be subtle, a shaded meaning or catastrophic, speaking in false tongues, forging with counterfeit power, causing my lost sheep to follow the wrong voice.

English: Shaft of light, Westing A beam of lig...

English: Shaft of light, Westing A beam of light through a gap in the clouds over Lunda Wick. It was better a little earlier but it was so windy the moment lasted just a few seconds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The light of truth will reveal that which is of me and that which is of darkness.   Stand fast in the light of truth, for I have even offered my angels of light to be ministers and warriors against the demons of the dark.  True light will cut through the darkness.

The sword of my truth is as laser light of magnificent power to slash out fear, cast off the demons, cut down the beckoning adulteress, separating and cutting even to the line of soul and spirit. God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you. pslm91:7niv

Light shines on the godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right pslm97:11niv


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