The Voice Of Truth With Mighty Prayer

There are many mighty ones who rule the earth, who have conquered even to mountain tops those places that ought not to be under the rule of one whose knowledge is only worldly.  I will place my chosen in those places, answer to mighty prayer.

But heed my call, do not rejoice when the mighty of the world have fallen, rejoice not when those who are of sin have tripped, their empires toppled.  For what needs must happen will as my warriors rise up in this time of perversion, distortion of truth, and unseemly deeds.   Raise up the sword that holds truth, that cuts down fortresses and looses the heads of demons.  Cry out for the battle, raise the tenor of your prayers, run the race that you gain your lawful prize for freedom and gallantry upholding truth.

Cry for the sinners who are kings but will be slain, rejoice not in their demise for some were appointed in tradition yet followed after craft and sorcery allowing the path of demons to direct their ways.

Rejoice when there is a mighty call and believers rise out of their graves for a life lived without the light of truth is a life within a grave.  Rejoice if but one is saved for that is the answer to the voice of truth with mighty prayer.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places: how are the mighty fallen! 2Sam1:19
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