The Shining Of The Spirit

As the lights shining in the night skies, as the dawn light shining on the earth, the light of your hearts, the ark of my holy spirit, will shine to all the world that those whose hearts reside in darkness will need to turn away to keep the secrets of their methods.  Who is of the light?

night sky

night sky (Photo credit: dcysurfer / Dave Young)

Shining the lamp of truth exposes sin and will cause greed to run rampant seeking greater ways to keep the source of lucre.  The thoughts of a dark mind will conjure many avenues for deception, for such is the growing seed of sin ever more insidious and odorous.

Truth is shining from the dawn of the hearts of my chosen, burning with greater intensity such as the desert’s sun.  It will find the way to ignite love and burn away the roots of division and travesty, that by the end of time of this administration, all will acknowledge truth and he who guided the way.

My light is shining on those who strive for knowledge and each day rise with sight to stir the spirit to battle, to love, to till the soils that others are prepared for the coming of the day of the Lord.   Who is prepared for the final battle? Who is your shield bearer that the strikes and missiles of the adversary be quenched?  Is the sword of truth shining from your outstretched arm?

The healing light is shining, beckoning to those my chosen who fell away in past generations, you are the seed of your ancestors of many centuries, who carried the ark of truth.   The words of my breath fired as the furnace that refines the gold, that truth would be burned into your hearts of stone.  Do you hear the spirit calling?

The lamp of truth is shining for the generations.  The light of truth is shining for those who have chosen to be my people for I have chosen each of you before I called to the light, before I laid the foundations of the world.  What is the shining of the spirit?

It is of my essence, as the seed of the father manifests into flesh and blood, the seed of me your God is manifest as I am, in light, love, power and might.  You, who choose the way and the light and those whose generations fell away yet are drawn back to the light, I am offering the seed of my might, that you might be healed of the weakness of your flesh and of your spirit, that the questions that linger though you sought for the answers of life, be revealed for truth can no longer be hidden.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Prov4:18


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