…”Look At Us!”

Look to me and I will give you the voice always.  I will give you the answers, the redeeming of your hearts, the insistence of the holy spirit for your prayers I hear.  Look to all that I have offered, a life full of joy yet there be the stings of resentments and passions of those actions that came in days before.  Look to me and release the pains that hold you captive for even my son forgave as his body was torn and ravaged.

Open to the words of life that I have offered through the trials and forgiveness of my people, that you too be one of those who have reached up and received the great strength to step out of the murky waters.  I can only give you the force of momentum as you look up and take the hand that guides you.  I can only give you healing because you have let go of what is behind and reached for what is ahead.

Look to the those men who acted in concert, men who became closer than even those brothers who followed as apostles of my begotten.  The holy spirit will bind you closer than brothers of blood and flesh, such as the seed of my spirit stirred in Mary’s womb, that she gave birth to the one nourished from conception by me.  Look to the wonderment of the seed of even one apple, that it might flourish into a wonderful tree and bare some more perfect and some not of its many fruit.  And one falls by the side and still it nourishes the soil.

Look up to the heavens, where I have laid the expanse that holds the stars, the galaxies the suns and the moons, that all move, some in concert, others in static and collisions, that the waters are held by the ever expansion.  Look to my son who had great compassion on even his enemies, knowing that they knew not what they did, acting in mockery for the one who offered life eternal.

Look at the simple act of healing, that Peter and John came together to the temple gate, and were move by the holy spirit with compassion that a lame man might have strength and be healed in body and spirit.  ”Look at us!” For he had to look up, he had to put forth his hand in faith and the receiving of strength.   God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Peter and John looked at him intently, and Peter said, “Look at us!” Acts3:4nlt


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