To You Of The Circumcision

This is the day that I call you, those of the circumcision, you are my chosen people and I am grieved that you have not heard my cries, that I have saved you, I have sent my heavens armies to lead you out of the bondage of evil, of slavery, of theft of your children and even your life’s blood.   What have you done to redeem your time here on earth?  Nothing for there is only one redeemer, you of your own selves cannot be saved.

You go about announcing your alms, that men might give you honor, but have you sought to honor me?  You celebrate your holy days, yet does your heart utter those prayers and praise?  You show yourselves at the gates of temples, you purchase your seats that you might show your worthiness, but do you know if you have learned truth and the way to eternal life?  Do you know what I, your God, has really shown?

How many more generations will cycle the same course, to be protected only to turn back to worldly ways seeded in unbelief and fear?   Call to me from your heart of hearts, for I hear your cries.  I know that you seek beauty and rest for your souls, and I will give you what you seek.   I know that you seek to prosper and seed the generations that follow with gilded education and comfortable living.  I will give you what you seek because you strive and labor for your children.   But do you know what I seek from you?  Do you wonder at your calamities, those who seek to destroy your nation?  Do you wonder why you are not ever at rest or why your nights might be filled with anxiousness as you see that there is an end to your life?

I call you to come back to the light, such as the light that led you out of darkness when your generations were in Egypt.   I call you back to the power that separated the waters from the waters such I showed through Moses.   Did you know that the earth upon which you build your castles was submerged in the waters, that I separated the waters from the waters that the galaxies hold back the mighty waters?   Did you know that I separated the waters upon the earth that there be dry land and bodies of waters of which I could count every drop?

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

Such as I know, I know your hearts, your thoughts, your desires,  I know you long for peace.   I long to see you as brothers and sisters with those who have chosen the way of life and life eternal out of their own will.   It is my heart’s desire to see you brought back to the vine of life, that you might be redeemed through the blood of the lamb and no longer shackled to the laws of the generations that sinned though they saw such great signs, miracles and wonders.  I call out that you hear me, that you would know my great desire is for you to know all of the truth that has been revealed, that you be fellow heirs, that you stand with the King of kings, that you manifest power from me your heavenly father.  Your savior has come, he who was of your own line, he was the final sacrifice that the law be ended and a new covenant was born, that you love me and love your neighbor.

If you take on the oath of faith, if you just look to my book of life’s instructions, if you but hear the words of truth and say you believe, you shall be saved.  You will have found the fountain of living waters.  You will know that you are already living in eternity, you will know of the true power that I offer through my begotten, you will join those who have been grafted to the tree that was the tree of your generations.  You will be brothers and sisters to those who have been adopted.  You will sleep with ease.  You will fear not the evil of the world.  You will stand with my son, and my children who are now warriors who  have been released from the slavery of sin and who stand mighty in the power of my might and who claim my kingdom be on earth as it is heaven.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Then the LORD said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the shame of your slavery in Egypt.” So that place has been called Gilgal to this day. Joshua5:9nlt
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