Be A Leader Of Kings

Those who are humble before my sight, who raise their eyes in praise and prayers and set the race that others may follow after righteousness will be my anointed.   A leader who leads with service to the people, true love and true strength will be your arms.   Through your unwavering faith I will be your shield.

I will allow those of slippery tongues to be conquered, for the day comes when their own flickering words will cause their own fall.   A true leader will not speak from the north and from the south.  A leader who longs after my heart will speak from the heart.  A leader must take the time for prayer, that I might offer wisdom and knowledge.  A leader must heed the call to battle to stand for and protect truth.

Weed out those advisors who attempt to plant their own variety of variance, thinly disguised as good for the people they see as lessor to themselves.

Mark those who hold their own station higher than with what has been awarded, for they are seeking power and strut about with others who believe their lies.

Turn from those who are silly and frivolous for they will be your demise.

To be a leader of others whether of commerce or stations of battle, you must be sure and true to those who look to you for strength.  To be kings of nations you must have the anointment of purity, a countenance of strength and compassion.  You must rise early and be vigilant every waking moment for the enemy seeks those who are wise that they might be seen as fools.  Stand against such and I will be there, your shield and your spiritual guide.   To the kings of war, the director of troops, know there is a greater army in heaven and I will send my spiritual warriors to defend truth no matter the cause of the fight.

Apostle and prophet and evangelist and teacher, I call you to be the beacon of light, to be the leader and teacher of even the worldly kings for they stumble and fall and are more fearful as the more power they yield.  Power is the aphrodisiac that corrupts, causing many good men to fall.   Pray for leaders, pray for the nations, pray that I might strengthen you in the inner man.  Study to show yourselves approved, stand for truth, shine the light I have given, open your mouths and know I give you the words of wisdom, knowledge and prophecy.   Show the nations the power of my spirit, the voice of my son.  When you heal the lepers you heal the nations.  Speak before some and before many for I will show you the way and my heavens armies go before you, they flank you, they follow, that you might show the mighty your fearless stand that they might be inspired to follow the way, the truth and the light, for I will reach out my hand and keep you from deep waters and from all enemy and foe.   God’s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.  18He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. 2Sam22:17-18niv

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