You Bring Me Great Joy

Hear my voice, for I whisper beyond the din of worldly cries.  Listen and you will hear me for you are not of the world and have discernment of one sound from the other.  I said my dearly loved brings me great joy.  You too bring me joy, for you have chosen the way of joy, peace and long suffering.   Others cry for their wounds have not healed, they call out in the wilderness for someone to hear yet they seek not the one true god, their desire is for their scars to be known to the world.

Hear my voice for I seek to comfort and  give you joy even in moments of distress.  I will lead you to clear waters, I will hold you above the tides of dismay.   Seek my comfort and you will hear me whisper, words of wisdom, knowledge, secrets of my heart which are the secrets of the universe.   You will understand the ease of the spirit and you will see the dismay of those in the world who deny me and who kick against the pricks.   Your understanding will be open that you might pray in the spirit for those who oppose even their own bodies and souls and whose joy is only of those things that are of the surface in cards and whisky and filling their lusting bellies.   You will have a glimpse of my son’s groan, that he held all the sins of the world upon his shoulders, bearing those sins a greater burden than even the pain of his body.

Look to me your God in wonderment of all that I created for it is all for you, the sky, the seas and the abundances therein.   Know the abundance of time for it ever expands as does the expanse of the heavens.  My love for you expands that your hearts mount up on the wings of eagles and soar.

See the world that you might call to those who will reach up and take your hand, but remember you are not of the world.   Share the news of the truth, the secrets that I have written in my book for life and those I reveal through my holy spirit.  Know that in my spirit I am in you, I know your thoughts and hear your prayers.  I commune above that which you understand yet the spirit that resides in you knows.   Pray to me in the words of the spirit that you be built up in the inner man.   Beyond the words of faith that you express to yourselves, know there are signs miracles and wonders, for these follow those who believe.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


 And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.g” Luke3:22b


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