Great Victories I Give

Great victories I give when you have stood against the enemy of division, when you have resisted those actions of the natural man and allowed the spirit that guides you from within to direct the course of battle, retreat, and negotiation.

What wounds have you sustained that can’t be healed?  I have covered the sins of those who oppose you with forgiveness, I have covered yours sins with forgiveness.  Why wouldn’t I also heal even the scars from worldly spears that pierced you?

Walk away from diversion that you not be led down prickly paths.  Stand against lies that part the ways of friends and brothers.  Look to cause peace of those those who cry when the wolf sounds its fury, for you have the power to close the mouths of devouring beasts that seek to destroy those who lack knowledge.   Shore up those whose knowledge is wary for the thief seeks to steal those holy words that have just begun to root.  Hold up those who are about to fall especially if they be brothers and sisters who have sought to do well but have been thwarted by the hands of evil.

There are many victories to be counted before the final trumpets blow, many in the fields of life who have been given lies to which they cling, kneeling, bowing and prostrating themselves in idol worship and before counterfeit gods.  Go and fight those good causes saving the many who call to a god they know not, offering truth that their eyes be open.

Count on great victories because you have chosen to stand with the king of kings.  Know the victories are yours because you have taken the mantle of a warrior, prepared with faith, knowledge and truth.  Know this, that I have already given you those victories and I will you show you my unfailing kindness because you are my anointed, touched by the sword of truth, purified by the blood of the lamb, blessed by the kiss of love, shored up by my armies of angels, lifted to the heights by the wing of my spirit.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


He gives his king great victories;  he shows unfailing kindness to his anointed, 2Sam22:51a niv


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