Replenish The Earth

I am here.   I listen to your thoughts, I count your heart beats, I know the number of the hairs on your head, I am so close that you see me not.  But do you feel me?  Do you know that I am all around you, I am in you and I am all and in everything that breaths with life, that has come up from the ground that has been carried from the depths of the earth.

There are so many treasures that you can never count the numbers, in the earth, of the earth and surrounding it.  Yet there are many vacuums of space, where even my creatures fain to pass, deserts of concrete and abandoned structures.  The greed of mankind has blinded most to the desolation of my earth.  Nations plot against nations, but the most defiling acts are leaders against those of their own.  I hear your thoughts too, and I know how many more beats are left of your hearts.  I know your secret intents and the greed of your mouths.  Your hairs will be fuel for the fire.

Replenish my earth, be not of the inglorious crowns that seek to destroy in order to fuel their power.   A new order is to vast numbers who live quiet lives.  The power is in your hands to turn from the concrete malls and vast blackened fields that have robbed my land and its fertile soils.  Turn from the vastness of greed and misuse of power that robs the ground of your sustenance, for the day is near that your children’s children will go hungry not for lack of gold but for lack of food.  Nations will turn away from nations for the lack of fertile fields.

Do you hear my call?  Do you know the distress of the earth?  She has been robbed, beaten and ravaged.   The power is in the people, those who rise and struggle and sit blandly before the lights of night.  Turn off the flickering lies and turn to truth, my words of life are words of power, the turning of indifference to the power of faith will change the earth, will change your life, will change the life of your neighbors, your children.

The power is of me.  The way is of my begotten.  The truth alone will set you free.  Tend to the garden.  Replenish the earth.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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