When The Adulteress Beckons

What have I to offer when the adulteress beckons?  She presents herself in many forms and disguises.  Her wantonness has led to wars between friends who were as brothers and wars between nations that held hands across the waters.   She might even present herself in men’s gear, gruff and unshaven, speaking coarsely and punishing, for there are many who would be lead astray by the adulterer of a nation, simple ones drawn by the fear that is convincing.

With whom do you stand when you plead for forgiveness, that you have allowed your thoughts to stray, your fingers to wander across the keys that open to worlds of decadence.  Naked, splayed bodies on display.  Children’s flesh sold for your whistle.   For whom have you sacrificed your heart and soul when the adulteress came to call?

Nations have fallen, blood has poured on the streets, the earth has been defiled with the rewards of destruction when the adulteress came to call.   Who are the victims?  The many who have offered their complacency, who did not acknowledge truth for they followed after the harsh voices of leaders who have turned them to servants of a rogue nation.  You are of the victims when you have allowed the siren call to fill your vision and appetite with the enticements of the adulteress.

Where has your nation taken you?  You who are the people have followed in the ease of complacency and in your lack of knowledge.   There is no nation if the populace turns away, resisting the offerings of carbonated sin.

Rise up as a field of tidal strength, each one encouraging the other to stand against the dainty lies of those seeking to broaden their own riches.   Say no to the offerings of the adulteress who has fattened the children for her sacrifice.   Turn off the flickering images that call to wantonness and hypnotize your minds to numbness, and shed the blanket of complacency and reach for the reward of action.  A true nation rises when the people have come to their feet and call for truth and expect justice and take what is right and abhor that which isn’t.

When the adulteress beckons I offer another way.  I call your name, I whisper truth, I shine a light that you might turn and see the greater course for your life.  I hint and nudge, I yell loud and soft, I offer my heart, my spirit and the riches and fruit of a spiritual life.  I offer forgiveness.  I offer eternity!  How much greater than any source of rest that you thought to have found in the nation of your generations.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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