Cut Off The Head Of Sin

What is the sin of a nation?  It is the breach of my fortress, that sin is allowed in as a dark seed made to flourish, that the inhabitants grovel at the offerings of a Baal.  The sin of a nation opens the citadel to attack, for they have allowed the traitor within.

What is the sin of man?  It is the breach of the spirit, that sin is allowed in and flourishes in the heart, that the host to sin becomes the servant to the offerings of a Baal.   The traitor attacks from within.   What have I to do when a soul chooses the seeds of sin, that sin spreads as a devouring fire seeking to destroy one, many, families, cities and nations?

I have called upon my warriors of knowledge and peace, those who have taken the only way to truth and righteousness, those who know the way of peace might be a call to battle, for the war is not of flesh and blood, but with principalities of the air.  I have called to my warring angels, that they flank always those who walk in the way of my begotten, the way of truth and love.

What is a King’s General if not prepared in all ways of war?  Prepare yourselves, as generals, as warriors of the King for the battle is great and the field is vast and there are those who will forfeit the head of sin that their soul be saved, that their city be saved.

The head of sin is as a traitor, one who slips in along side, one who will be as a friend, who greets with affection, making themselves comfortable in your house and in your field and, with all subtlety, plants seeds of perdition, posing a question that justifies an act of unfaithfulness, adding a thought that detracts from truth, shading error that turns an act of sin to an act of nobility.   But I say, cut off the head of sin, cut off the head of the traitor who seeks to mar and lead to destruction a man, a city, a nation.

A call for peace, for the repentance of sins of a nation, is a call for battle.  When the offerings of peace are turned away by the head, pray the body turns away.  Pray the inhabitants hear the trumpet call to truth and stand against the tides of lies.

When a sinner looks up, then shore up the walls with truth that they might be transformed into a new man.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. Deut20:10niv


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