Your House, Is It A Refuge For Your Soul?

Your house, is it a refuge for your soul?  Have you found comfort in the quiet time of prayer and praise?   For my way is perfect and when you follow those things set before, and those words that followed, and when you follow that which I show each day, you will find refuge always in my ways.

Your house that holds your bed, your table, does it reflect the joy of your life?  Perhaps you have entertained angels.   Whom do you invite to partake of the fruit of your life, the rewards of your labor?  Do you call those who do you favors?  Do you honor those who add to your rewards with more costly wines than to those of your own?  I say offer the best to those whose reward will be in heaven, for they have laid their offerings to me in truth and purity of heart and not with tinkling words and studied oracles.

Your house provides rest to your soul, a refuge from a day of toil and striving.  Reward yourselves with meat and fruit of the land and nourish your bodies, giving thanks always for the bread upon your table.

Your house reflects your life.  Are the floors swept and the linens sweet?  Have you let go of the old while you add items anew?  Have you offered your hidden shoes to those who have none?   Keep not those things that linger in dust for there is one among you who might make use of that which you have cast aside.

Keep the halls, the floors the closets and the corners clear, that nothing may hinder your health and prosperity, for where the breeze of my spirit flows, there is fruit of the spirit, there is abundance and your table laden with all your soul’s desire, and there is laughter and love and joy shared.   When your house is in order, I make it my abode that I and he who sits at my right hand may share the prosperity and peace of your life.

Keep your house in the light of truth, the breath of life for it is the sanctity of your soul.  Let all things be in order that I might work my mighty power.  Let me in that your chambers be many and be wonderful and that peace rules in every board.  Make your offerings to me be of thanks that I have brought you prosperity and peace.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet   


As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless.  He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. 2Sam22:31niv


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