Have You Searched For The Sweetness Of Life?

Have you searched for the words of truth?  They would be written on your heart.  They would be tied as strings to your fingers, they would be the jewels that shine from your mouth.   Have you searched for the secrets of the universe, looking out to the the stars that shine asking within your heart, ‘for what do they linger’?

Have you searched and asked when you were child?  What of the particles of dust that swirl on a beam of sunshine?  Are they as the galaxies?  And your breath changed their course.   Have you searched under the covers of your bed finding safety from the monsters who breath beneath?   Have you searched the early morning hours for that first ray of sun that said it was time to leap and run with joy for another day, for the light has chased the monsters away, the warmth let you know it was time for play?

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you searched the night sky, looking as deep as your eyes would go?  Did you see my stars emerge, did you see the figures of the night, the vast brush stroke of lights, the glorious lights of my creation?

Have you searched my words, my stars of light, the kingdom of my begotten, the voice of my heart, the breath of my soul, the holy of my spirit?

Be as you were when you searched as a child, when you searched for the secrets of the universe, when you looked for the true magic of the night on fields of wheat or the grass of your home, your childish world.   Have you searched for the sweetness of life?  A child holds out a hand for reward, a kiss, a candy, a mother’s sweet words, a father’s strength.

Have you searched my sweet words of life?  I offer reward for those who seek.  I offer the kiss of my spirit for those who find me, who climb into my lap of safety, who hold the hand of the one who showed the way.   I am.   God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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