Know How Much I Love You

There is love of a nation.  It is when unity pervades, when the people rejoice for the peace and prosperity of the land.  There is love for your neighbor.  It is easy to love the man beside you when there is prosperity and peace as it is to love those who lead.  But when famine comes, love is devoured.

There is love between a man and a woman.  There is rejoicing when they have come together in unity, when a grand occasion is presented for their marriage.  It is easy to love when there are flowers and wine flows and youth is the stepping stone to a promise of fidelity.

When my chosen continue in fidelity to me, the one true god, love will flourish, whether house to house or heart to heart.  For you have made me your first and true love, that I might pour out such blessings, your hearts will overflow and the stores of your prosperity will overflow.

Turn from me and love fails, fear fills the house, the halls, the hearts.   A whole nation will mourn for lost sons and daughters.  Turn to those who speak with the knowledge of evil tongues and your house will turn sour, your leaders will turn to wicked tricks, love between man and wife will not be true.  Seek other gods and I will turn away.  Turn back to me and I take you back under the fruit of my love and protection, for you are a chosen people when you have chosen me.  I planted the seeds of your lives before the foundations of the earth.  I created all of the universe for you to know how much I love you.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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