A Free Nation, Under God And Indivisible

There is a great nation, a place that I have blessed with much astonishing formations, great seas of fresh waters, giant trees that hold the histories of many generations.  I have led many to the shores of this vast land, that the histories of my generations might be told, that my chosen might offer the good news, planting seeds of eternity in the hearts of many other nations.

There is a great nation made of many other nations, that all therein might know of truth and come together in a great effort of unity to shine before other nations as a beacon of freedom and prosperity.  But for what is the cause if the children are let loose in the fields of their own appetites, seeking filthy lucre for their unruly desires.

The surface of a freshwater lake

The surface of a freshwater lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great nation can stand if there is unity, divided the fall is inevitable.  Yet for those who might offer diligent prayer and who will exercise that power that I have given to claim what is right and true and who will live each day offering to me your first fruits, that of your breath in prayer and praise, I will offer my protection yet there be crumbling corners.  I will honor those men and women who will choose to be those spiritual warriors I have brought you up to be.  I will save those nations from too soon a destruction, for the day comes that not one brick will be upon another and yet I will save you from the wrath of destruction for you who have chosen the way of life and life eternal.

Pray for those who harbor destruction in their members, for they are unknowing hosts of the destroyer who seeks to tear the seams of family, and a family becomes a nation.  A torn family becomes a rogue nation, unruly with devilish desires.  Be of a strong spirit, holding firm to that which you have ascertained in my book of instruction, searching diligently those histories, standing as solid on the choice of truth as my giant trees that watch over the many centuries, giants that I have planted in your nation of bounty.  Be as unwavering as those giants of history, your upper reaches only swaying with those breezes and winds of change.

One of strength can be the the beacon for many.  Be as the thunder I send for your voices will sound the call to battle, to sanctions, to great waves of change for change is coming on the tides of my desires for I will that a land so charged be of righteousness that many hear the call and hear the sound of the horns when that great day comes.

You who reside in the great land, who live quiet lives in the glow of your entertainment, who cry at the lack of prosperity, stand up for truth for it is my desire that you be strong in body and soul.  Take back the power for your life for the power is of me, it is the power that my begotten showed you, it is for you.  Stand and pray for the forgiveness of your sins of lack, shedding the apathy that you have not won and reach for what is ahead knowing that I am a great god and desire that you live a wondrous life.   Stand against the greedy giants that seek the coins of your labor, resisting the desire for fast food and demeaning entertainment and shoddy goods.  If each one does their part in the vast army of the one whom I have appointed over all, you will achieve great accomplishments.   You will take part in a giant tidal wave of change, causing those greedy ones to retreat and change else they will be the ones to fall to ruin.

Demand great changes by the small changes you create in your daily life.  Support those of your villages who do well, offering their goods and services with heart and soul and a desire for proper prosperity.  Turn from those mechanisms of industry that have caused the pollution of my rivers of waters and of the beauty of my land that they no longer create the tools of destruction.  If my urgent call is not heeded, the monsters of destruction will seek greater rewards, stealing the waters for your thirst and lively hood, stealing even that which I have offered for no cost, waters of life and their abundance.

Allow not the trade of your nation’s prosperity in fertile lands and abundant fresh waters for there will be those rogue companies that have grown greater than even some nations, who will seek to those treasures.   Your stance must be strong, your will must be united, you must press against the power of the principal of the air who works in the minds of mighty leaders of unrighteous and greedy pillars of commerce.

Rise to the greatness to which you are called, a free nation, under God and indivisible.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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