Yes, I Am Here.

Yes, I am here, I am with you for I long to be with my chosen and with you who have chosen me.  I hear your requests and it is my desire to show the way, the path to the journey of this day, your life, your creed to commit to the way following in the steps of my begotten.

Holy Spirit,

Holy Spirit, (Photo credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto)

I am in all, for it is upon my breath that life is.  I created the air that you breath, that fills the pockets of your soul, that circulates with the river of your sustenance.  I am in the marrow of your stance, I am the strength in the fiber of your reach.  I sit in the recesses of your head and see all that you see, I hear every word that is uttered around you, and I know those you will put forth this day, some lovely and sure, others a buttress to hide, or blocks to build that another might stand sure.

Build your thinking that your words gain greater strength.  Abhor those actions and sounds that sting and leave stains on the courses of your mind knowing the holy spirit will be the filter to sinful thinking, for you live in the world but seek not to be a part.  Seek those images and words that will be the citadel, the fortress, the palace of your thoughts.

I am in your words when you speak that which right and true, when you have built the house of your learning what is of me, what is of my precepts, when you fill your appetite with my knowledge, when you gain those images that I prepared.   Be prepared in word and in spirit, for then you have taken the mantle of my son, knowing that I offer all that I am, not that you desire to take the burden of the creator but that you long to be as your heavenly father.   It is right that what you long for is to have strength and be filled with wisdom and knowledge.  It is right that your desire to speak with words so great of strength that you might change the wicked course of one stricken in the spirit, that you might scale a mountain in a single leap, that you manifest the greatness of my holy spirit for I give it in eternal abundance.

I have stirred the fires of my spirit that you be pure and refined in the inner man.  You stir the fires of my spirit to show yourself in agreement with my words and words I gave to my begotten for he said you too would do those things he did and even greater.   I have given the voice of the spirit that you might utter those things beyond your worldly understanding, beyond the sinful nature of man that what you utter and sing in the spirit might be your pure offering in thankfulness and praise and that I might pour out my blessings in greater abundance.

I am your God, your sustenance, the bloodline of spirit that you might have a day that is as a thousand years, that you might build your life with the foundation of truth, that your day and your life be a fulfilling journey in one accord with me and my begotten, that you might enter that holy of holies, a place of peace yet power reigns that you hear my voice and follow with faith unfeigned.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



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