History Be Altered?

There are a people who will seek to alter the words and history in my book of life.  They gather now in huddles and whispers stirring a pot that now only simmers with contention but will gather momentum.  They gather nods to change, hoping for a greater thrust that written history will shift, that borders be claimed, that words I spoke with promise be upheld though they were give with condition.

There are many languages and words that have sifted through a changing world, perceptions of right and wrong altered, subtle yet substantial, words that soften minds, words that are seeds of fear, words that cause freedom to be servitude to false doctrine and worldly righteousness not godly.

A league will mount to attack the very history of my book of instruction and chronologies, more so than subtle changes, it will be of direct defense against the truth, against the sins of those who sought to honor other gods because of desire to the world rather than to me the one true god and those promises of consequences I set.

Those consequences of turning away from me have not altered such as my promises have not altered for what is the value of my words if they do not stand.  But relinquish such foolish notions that the future might change for the fable history in books and media, for they might as well be written in the sand.   My words are of stone, my cornerstone is of truth and nothing will ever change the truth.  This is one of secrets of my universe.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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