A Stranger Walks In Unobserved

A stranger walks in unobserved.  His countenance is as a face of stone, his eyes burn with the fuel of desire.  His innards roil as a pit of snakes.  Not one person looks to him as he slips in along side.  He leans close listening to their secrets, seeking a place to linger.  He is restless and parched but is patient.  He laughs and smirks as he watches the silly conversations, the maniac habits of the inhabitants of this place who have been prepared by the others, loose footed and gleeful.    Sullenness suits him well, he wears it as a dark cloak and he melts into the shadows and waits.

For who or what is it that I tell?  This dark stranger has prepared well.  An army of minions stand to attention just at a flick of his eye.  He sends them ahead to till the land and soften those who will fall, children, women, men.   First flashing lovely images that appear as delightful desires, drawing young flesh to be exposed,  offering symbols to be written with blood,  burning the sweet incense of flowers to open minds about to be altered, words are dropped as innocent seeds that flourish to sin.

Grab your hearts, your minds and your children, for the stranger is watching.  He will slip in under your door if you have lingered in his vision for but a moment, his invitation having been offered.  Trepidation, seeking false fortunes, fluttering lips, offerings to the flickering images are the beginnings of darkness.  The stranger is mellifluous as he enters.  He scatters into numerous selves as his unknowing hosts offer more in fear, bickering, strikings.   Then as the falling effects of one stone upon another the greater sins are offered in adulteries of the skin and heart.

Repent and turn away from lust and cravings and those simple pleasures that have turned to addictions.  Protect the young from such depravity, walking circumspectly for the stranger is watching so close he knows your scent.

Draw close to me your God of glory of life of eternity, hold my words dear, knowing you have love and power to call to me in prayer and praise and claim the promises of my book of words of power and name of power, for then must the stranger flee for his fear is of truth and light and love.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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