Crossing Borders

There are many  souls who scatter abroad from the homes of their ancestors that so much of the world has been turned and mixed as borders shift.  Seeds from one end of east and west to the other come together to create new families and new genealogies.   Through these vast changes upon the earth, that have occurred through time but now occur in multiples that are as the sand along the shores of the seas, blood has thickened in some and weakened in others.    There are strengths that have multiplied in soul life, and weaknesses.  In the realm of spiritual birth, there are those who rise on strength of truth and others who are being buried under the many bodies that carry death.   Forlorn stragglers carry the soil from one field to another on the souls of their shoes.

Some open the doors to the strangers, yet knowing not if those who come in weariness will rise up with nourishment to take care of themselves or will be shown the door to perpetual poverty, holding out hands for sustenance rather than for labor that they fill their own bowl.

The fields are vast and the laborers are few.  Borders are disintegrating.  Riches grow in the pockets of few as most will find scarcity to sustain even a meager soul life.  Many will fall by the wayside for they will never know of the seeds that might have brought salvation, for the laborers are few.

Blessed are those who hold a hand that one might cross from one side of the border to the other, from darkness into light.  Blessed are those nations that offer respite from the stark fields, who share in their corn and fields that still yield plenty.  But beware, you prosperous nations.  If you close your borders to the stragglers who seek truth and light, your fields will whither.  Beware of those within your borders who seek to mar my soil with the blight of blackened fields and the scars of massive structures of commerce.  They are the thieves of plenty not the hungry knocking at your door.   Beware of laws and levies that steal from the husbandmen.   Beware of the tides of processed chemicals that steal the goodness of my soil and water and all their abundance that flourishes but will whither away.

Beware that your requests be for what is right, that you demand truth, that you study truth and know when the words have slipped away that you hold them up again and hold them dear.   Beware of the stranger in discernment of spirit, for I will show you who will hear.

Go out of your assemblies where you find comfort, cross your own borders of safety for there are so many who know not even to cry.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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