The Rise Of My New Jerusalem

Rise up to that glory of which you were called.  Rise up my chosen to be of that glory to which you were seeded.  Rise up with your voices and call upon the fruit of my son, that which he gave that you might have life and life everlasting.  Be united in your callings, your upward march to life everlasting.  Join hands in rising that you be of one unit, one army, one body.  Stand together my chosen ones with my chosen ones for you are of one god though you have been seeded of different covenants.

I desire that you embrace those seeds of knowledge that are free to you though the records have been bought with blood, blood of your ancestors, blood of the prophets, blood of the sacrifices, blood of the lamb.   Turn from the worship of that which steals your rights and your inheritance that my promises be fulfilled that the consequences of sin be swallowed up in the last days.

Rise up you leaders who know that I have shown you something.  Push aside your fear to speak truth and uphold what is righteous, for many will see and hear and follow what is right and rise up together in great strides.   Take on that power that I offer, the sword that divides truth from the shadows.  Stand upright in strength to ward off the evil one seeking to sever you from the tree of life.   Be grafted by your words of allegiance to stand with the king of kings, showing honor in choice and actions as a mighty warrior.  Stand sure and calm, not swaying or turning in the face of adversity but resisting with all might the path of the enemy and he will flee for he fears truth and he fears me.  Stand close to me and your enemies will be destroyed by the furnace of my love and power.

Seek to share the seeds of knowledge for they flourish in ways you know not.  Be kind to those who oppose themselves that they be convicted in their hearts that you stand for truth and they will turn to what is flickering there, a longing, a whispering desire to rise.

Rise and shout and sound the voice of the glory of truth.  Rise in the march against division of nations that all who will hear the call rise as one nation under my banner and calling to the King of kings, “glory to him the one who bled that we might rise”.    May your steps be united that your march to everlasting life be rewarded as you find that  place of restoration, the rise of my new Jerusalem.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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