(1) Secrets Of My Treasures

The are many deep secrets that I have kept yet they be written in the stars and in the words of my book of histories and guide for life and all that is a part of the world and the earth and the origins of life and the origins of a sinful nature and the scattering of seeds and the bleeding and the blending of blood lines.  The are secrets that I have held in the fruit of the earths loins, truths that I reveal as my chosen strive to search and research.

The earth gives up its secrets in fragments and seeds because I arrange to work through those who desire knowledge of how the earth began and how seed formed and how animals roamed and how the population grew from few to numbers that only I could count.

I offer the news of secrets of my earth and of my universe that man should come to the knowledge that all is in my book of histories, marvelous collections of precious words, thoughts that I gave to those who believed and looked up to receive the words of life.  I continue to offer knowledge and spiritual wisdom for those who will know it is my voice that answers, it is my breath that you feel within and without.  I open the treasures of my wisdom and knowledge, a vast and endless expanse of precious and joyous jewels, to those who open their hearts and minds and hands to me in offerings that are pure of desire.

What are the secrets of my thoughts, what are the secrets of the earth and of the stars and the endless array of galaxies that swirl and dance in the expanse that I created between the waters and the waters?

Listen, pray, learn and teach.   Praise in your words of song and in the spirit that you joyfully accept for you have known that it is through my begotten that you have been reunited with me the one true god.   Ask of me in his holy name that I will show you what connects the research of worldly ones, those of myopic sight that they learn of many secrets and I reward them with findings and trophies of histories, that my chosen may find the paths of hidden secrets.

So much I long to reveal but this knowledge comes only in spiritual awareness, an ever fertile field of great truths and small.   You know the stirrings of desire to seek truth, yet most reject new ideas for the precepts of men, history books and the voices of leaders in those places of worship, yes, those of my tribes and those professing a christ they keep in chains.

Shrug off those voices of anger, religiosity, and reverence to the voice of false teachers and hear me, seek my vision and voice that you become a gifted one for I anoint those who will hear and know deep and sure that I am a glorious god, that brought about all that exists, that I have created the earth that I made you to be in my image, that you be sons and daughters to reap the gifts of my spirit, that I might commune with you for I have planted those seeds of yearnings that you seek to know me.  This ends today’s words of the wise god, yet there be many more words that I will speak, so many that the number will never be known.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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