(3) Secrets Of The Night

Secrets of the night sky I reveal in patterns and pulsing lights, some dim others brighter.  I show you just a moment of the abundance of time in the depths of my sky.  I show you just a heartbeat of power in the burning of the sun.   All of the rain that shall ever fall to the earth is but one drop compared to the many waters I keep.   I show many secrets in the ways my earth moves and sifts, layers of rock rise and others are closed up to held for other generations and times.

I offer the stillness of morning that you might hear the secret voices of the earth, each sound multiplied by numbers that can’t be found yet I know every nuance of every song.  I know the every footstep of the vast armies that move my soil in synchronized steps and yet even the stars might outnumber them.

I know the events of all thoughts, of every being that has and will walk upon the earth.  I see with your eyes and know of the evil harbored, of envies and strifes and foul tasting secrets.  I know of the destruction that lurks and seeks its place and I have prepared a place that hungers for the heads of evil and the minions that will crackle as fodder that the fires be prepared such as they have done preparations in this time.

I hear and see and know all that there be no secrets that might be hidden no matter where they linger.   Even those buried since the time of life on the earth will rise to be examined by the light.

I have many stores of treasures that I have kept secret yet there be the words hidden as sands and threads in my genealogies, in my histories, in my words of power, in all that I have created and placed there to be discovered as gems of knowledge and wells of wisdom and understandings of the actions of evil, and to see the full mantle of completion that my chosen and my grafted ones be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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