The Gold, The Gems, The Glittering Lights Of The Universe

It is a good thing that one should search and strive when it is for the gold of truth and the rewards of well done products and services and labor.  Have you a garden that might flourish with attention and care?  For what are good desires if you haven’t put forth your hand and the stirrings of your mind to plant and protect and develop.

It is a good thing that a fertile nation protects its fields for the day is near that other nations will seek food for gold, those nations that have prospered in other wealth procured through the mining of my earth, will look to purchase years of harvest.  But resist the binds of such contracts for the values are greater than the rewards of immediate payment.  Do not owe a grain to any man or any nation for that is debt that will grow exponentially.

Take care that your scales be true for an unbalanced sale is the way of evil and evil will have its rewards.  Bow not to fear for I will supply all your needs if you have put me first in your thoughts, if you have offered to me your ideas, if you relinquish your hesitations and continue to form those things that be pleasing and useful and wonderful for there will be places of reward and bountiful fruit of your endeavors.

Create a vision that startles and enlightens whether you are a word smith or one who forms visions on canvas and screens.  You are feeders of the soul, nourishing, anticipating, calculating that others might stir to thought to action.  Seek to uphold truth and the golden glow of truth in your words in your stripes and stipples and in the visions through your lenses.  Capture those places that others seek to destroy that your nations and other nations see those places that I created that they are for nourishment to the mind and soul, that holy men and women might climb a mountain and see with awe and wonderment and pray their praises to me the creator of all who nourishes your spirit that you be renewed in the inner man.

Be as my begotten, fearlessly upholding the sword of truth, thrusting through to the dividing asunder of truth and shaded truth, bone and marrow, soul and spirit.  Be nourished by the words of gold and honey, be empowered by the stirrings and the fire of my spirit, be as your creator to speak forth that which needs to come to pass for as my words created the gold and the gems of the earth and the glittering lights of the universe, they created the gold and the gems of my book for life and words and visions that glitter with truth and light.   Those words that you speak forth will create your life, your rewards and your rights to eternal power for you claim your king be he who is king of kings, who wears the gold crown of truth and leave behind that which is of the world.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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