Anger & Resistance To The Weight Of Truth

Storms may arise that are stirred by the sanctions set before those who might act as foe, for their anger and resistance is to the pressing weight of truth.  Set up a wall of what is right and glorifies that which I ordained, and the rising of strife will be stirred.  Resist the sounds of angry cries and the battering of words meant to tear at the resolve you have set, for their stirrings are from roots of anger and demeaning ways, it will not be long before their raucous behavior exhausts its power and must retreat as it seeks new fuel for its missiles till their final retreat is met.

Distilling your own reasons to anger that is not a righteous anger but one of retaliation or reaction, will be a benefit to the building of your strength, for worldly anger is concurred to leave you bereft, lost, with no redemptive source.    Steer your thoughts away before the head of reaction takes you to the road of destructive forces, pray that your mind be renewed that you might operate the creative forces of holy spirit.   Know that releasing the urge to acts that are the seeds of anger, will give you the energy of life and the force of my power in exponential degrees.

Call off the attempts of attack in words and deeds of anger with words that are sharp with truth yet softened with honey, that with these words you will have disarmed the pursuer.  Stand against deceitful actions that are the recent seeds of sin and redemption is yet offered.  Turn away from those born of the seed of sin whose vision is full of darkness.

Abhor all that is evil that you keep yourselves clean, that you be not swift to anger but prepared always with the truth.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Prov15:1niv


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