Great And Mighty Things

Have you a great king who prays and asks for ways and means?  Add your prayers to the crown that your nation be safe, great and welcoming to those who seek safety and place to contribute their skills.   Have you leaders who know the great importance of each to work that their table be rewarded by the day’s labor?  Pray for such to reach those halls that changes be established that there be no outlet for those able to become weak.

Feed the hungry who come to your table feeble in body and mind, feed and care for those who cannot take care of themselves, but turn away he who continually seeks your profit that they might sit and flounder in their useless time.   Turn to me and I will show the most worthy causes and ways.

What is it you seek to know?  Mighty songs that have yet been set?   Perhaps you long to know of wondrous workings of the turning seas and sands and what lies at beds of the deepest places of the earth and beneath the great waters.   Are your searchings of the mind or of the great workings of a human body?  Do you ask how you came to be, how the histories of your ancestors might be written in the codes of your structure?  Ask and I will reveal.  Seek and you will find great answers, rewarding steps in your journey.  Pray and know that you could hear and know my voice and my will.

Call to me and I will tell you of things not written, of things hidden, of marvelous and great histories and volumes of knowledge, and wisdom, and of layers of secrets in the strata of rock, in the crystals of the air, in the universe of the ant, in the ears of the dinosaur, in the blood of a life, in the seed of tree, in the love of a heart.   God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know. jer33:3nas


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