But A Flicker Of Dust

In the smallest moment of time I am able to transform that which soul life is made from, a dust that melts with the air, into a new body.   In a scattering of my stars, I may pull them together that they collide into a body of strength and light in a fiery mass twirling in space as but a flicker of dust.   Those galaxies that have formed your bodies, each particle is one in particular, as the particles of dust that spread across the expanse in patterns of light.

The movement of the stars swirls with the wind of breath that I give, that formed on the words that I formed.  Galaxies of motion and life go beyond that which can be fathomed by the coagulation of the place of thought, yet in the breath and fire of my spirit, I may show you such majesties, the royal flush of my universe.

For what have I taken the dust of my earth that man be formed, that woman be formed?  That in the flesh you hold the secrets of the universe.  That minds conquer the vast plains of life.  That all be found to be of one.  That greater minds find those connecting rods of prisms and atoms that form life, that generated from but a seed, into which I put the force of the universe.

I would that minds be stirred by the power of my spirit, that raised my begotten whose flesh of the dust of the earth yet of me was his blood, was transformed into a glorious body.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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