Energized Eternal Awakening

What have you heard me say whether in the spirit or in my words of instruction?  What promises have you allowed into your thoughts that might manifest into an earthly realm or a spiritual awakening such as when your bodies will be transformed from dust to their eternally energized manifestation where there are no walls between time and space?

What is the awakening of the new man as he expounds, a seed of eternal power within yourselves and not of yourselves for it is of me your great God and creator of the heavens, the earth, the ever expanding universe, and the breath that fills your lungs whether you are bond or free?

Are you in bondage to the sins of the world?   There are those whose inner man is of the seed of evil, who have taken the power of the prince of the air to be followers to a fiery throne.  They know not the destruction that will be of their members, whether of body or of soul for their inner spirit is a spirit of death.  Their actions are of deceit though their words might entrance and attract.  Their awakening will be of an eternal end.

Stand away from such a one for they will deceive you with their words and even their movements may seem holy.  But you will know them by their fruit, you will know them by their sense of understanding in the words you speak, do they seal their face from your holy thoughts, for the devil cannot abide in the same place as one of mine own who have been born of the spirit that is of me and through my begotten, or do they turn and look and wonder if you might have shared a glint of truth, that something stirs within, the hope that one more might arise to the awakening of the holy spirit.

I have given you the power of discernment, that you will know who speaks with a falsely gilded tongue, that you might pray in the spirit that they will close their eyes against a light they can’t see yet it has blinded them.  You will know them when their hands cannot be contained in peace for they seek for mischief even in repose, the demons deploying a distraction that what you say cannot be enjoined.   These might still be saved.

What is the awakening of the new man of even those who have been saved, but have been living idle, a spiritual stirring will kindle new fires, that my men and my women rise, that you lift your voices with truth, that you sing in your understanding and you sing in the voice of the spirit and you pray in your understanding and you pray in the tongue of the spirit.  There is an awakening of the body when men and women rise to the words I have whispered to them, when my chosen and those who have chosen me, hear and act on those ways that I have shown, that families be saved whole, that nations grow to wholeness for my nation is of those who believe.    God’s prophecy,  The Daily Prophet.


Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1Tim6:12niv

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