Safety From A Monster Under The Bed

When a child, did you fear those first moments of sleep?  What were the soothing words of a mother?  What did a father find and did he smash its head?  Was it a monster under the bed?

Do you know that I count the very hairs of your head, that I, your heavenly father, saves you from the claws that seek to grab you down to darkness.  Call to me and I will but peek a pin of light that chases the darkness from your night.   Look at my heavens when the earth has turned from sun.   Haven’t I placed a spray of lights that allow you to fall easy to rest.  Even the night glow of my moon is a soothing aura of sleep to heavy eyes.

What lion might roar whose jaws I cannot seal, that you may rest in the cool shade of  wild places and know you find safety in my arms of sleep.

But for those who seek gardens of riot and worldly pleasure, only the stupor of potions will cloak your eyes.  The sweetness of my rest is lost.  Have you sought the profits of those who work heartily that you purchase your pleasures?  The restful pose of your soul has been coaxed to anxious turning.  Yet I offer the gateway that you choose to sacrifice your sins and diligently seek the safety of my arms, and rest from the burdens that have you bound.

What is the monster under the bed?  Fear, sin, loneliness.  Hidden secrets, filthy gain, dark desires.   Call to me in prayer, that you cast away all that dwells in darkness and cleave to the blanket of light and find safety in my dwelling and in knowledge of right and in promise of true words written by the light of my sun, my moon, my stars, and the righteous fires that burn in the hearts of my chosen.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. psalm4:8niv


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