All The Ends Of The Earth

I breathe life into these words, that all the nations know, that all families will see that I am the sovereign god of all the earth.  I hear every cry of pain and every whimper of loss.  I created all the earth for those who will know that I am in all and over all.   It is of those who seek glory in the glass or honor at the gates of worldly desires who see not the face of justice, truth and sanctity.  Yet the day is near that every knee shall bow for the glory of my one will be seen to every corner of the earth.

Take these words of light and truth.  Put them in your mouth, beneath your tongue, into your breath that you too speak forth what I have given life, for words are life as my one came and was and is my word of life.   Speak to all who will hear and eat and drink of my words of my one who offered his life, a sacrifice of shame that his heart melted with the rebuke and calls of those he loved yet they rejected.

Even of families is one rejected for projecting truth.  Don’t you know that living in truth exposes the iniquities of those whose desire is to stay in darkness, yet a day will dawn when all will be faced with the blinding light of truth, some to eyes that will see, others to eyes they will attempt to shield.  There will be no escape for all will face the thresher, some to heal, others to bow yet they hold their sin in their tongue.   All will know that all is mine and I have given dominion to my one of all that is in the earth and surrounding the earth and to the never ending expanse of the universe. God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.  


All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations. psalm22:27-28niv


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