Ending The Reign Of Sins

There is one of an unfortunate crown, whose pose is of surety yet his crown has slipped with his sins and tarnished with innocent blood.    How he rules is with fear and violence, that his followers tremble though they still bow and do his bidding in sins against a nation.   A leader who sins against his own people will be brought lower than the dust.   Those who tremble yet pursue the right path will be given wings to fly above the fray yet their arms hold weapons against the foray of tanks and missiles.

But what are the sins of the nations?  Following the gods who sit on poles?  Honoring the clay made with hands?  It is for these causes that my sight is removed yet if there be a man or woman who calls upon me in the purity of their desire for righteousness, I will hear and devise a way.  I will send a division of my heaven’s armies to the fray that those who fight the good fight for justice prevail, that truth be held high, that dominions that should not be are scattered, their wine flasks poured out to the ground and trampled to dust, till the head of the serpentine body be crushed ending the reign of sins of an evil king.   Minions scattered will topple the pillars of one who seeks death for others yet fears to run that the arrows will find him.

Find those with ears to hear of truth of the one true god, that a new nation rises from the dust of destructive forces, that innocent blood be saved till the day comes that every knee shall bow and every mouth shall confess all sins, for there is only one true god.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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