The Threads Of Truth And Righteousness

Through generations the truth of my words have been altered, fitted to the desires of leaders, and teachers, and others who believe they do my will yet pray to gods made with the hands of men.  Others alter the message of my words to fit the political climate of that day, that nation.  Of what value is the truth of my words if they have been fitted to accommodate worldly desire and greedy lust for those things that are not right.

Yet the desires of the world seem tempting, lustrous, delightful.  The temptress is seductive with her many offerings that promise great reward.  Her costumes are many, her disguises will astound yet if you knew who was her god,  and what the end will be for those of the side of willful falling, you would gird up your loins and run for the protective cover, the city of truth, the walls of the new Jerusalem.  But the generations have hidden the light of truth, allowing the shift, the disguised to be honored.  Violence has erupted stirred by the greed and ignorance of many nations.  Lost are the words that are hidden from those willfully blind and those born to the blind.

Now the time is near for the light to be declared, for those who have found again the threads of truth and righteousness, have searched the words of life, who stand firmly upon the corner stone, who fear not to wield the sword of my words, know that my heaven’s armies are at the ready to storm the enemy to save those nations.

Your prayers are mighty and your praise the sweet savor of your sacrifices, for you have found the key to the truth to the kingdom you call to earth, that my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Stand with the King for he shows the way, the truth and the light.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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