Crisis Of Neglect

There is a crisis in the land of plenty, where generations have come to till the soils, to fill promises, to show their trust in me.  There is a grave crisis of neglect, that the gates have been flung afield so far and many wolves are feasting.

The cries I hear of the afflicted turns my heart to sand, heavy and sodden, each grain a child on the precipice of loss.   The neglect of truth has been born of blindness, of turning to spirits that beckon with false promises, of holding aloft idols who flaunt riches rather than the creator.

There is a crises of neglect to the extent that it rules the land, allowing sin to be glorified. Seeds of neglect in the children growing to harshness, diseases of the mind caused by the influences of drugs, yet whether legal or illegal, the industries flourish.  Diseases form to expectations and fears.  Commercialized words form chains of thought, words of ill health are planted, disease and distress are expected, another gate has been opened, another crises of neglect of truth and allowing false advertising to rule.

Another land in the crises of neglect, that structures fill with the aged rather than offered honor, comfort and joy for their years.   Others profit from rampant disease, who join and labor for the rewards of illness.   Lust is a quest for its own rewards, and great are the profits for the suppliers.   All who profit in the wages of sin will reap what they have sown.

Neglect not the power that I give, that my begotten promised, the power with which you were baptized by free will.  Stir the fires of my spirit and open the gates of heaven with the freedom calls of your prayers, your voices abounding in words of faith, that I release my angel warriors to be your flanks.  Stand for the obliteration of neglect of truth, that the seers of crisis be stripped of their frightening powers.

Turn away the blunt edges of fear and the stale bread of neglect with the two edged sword that holds the words of power.  Hold the claim of victory upon your lips, etch the name of the one on your hearts.   Allow words of healing to flow, for they are my gifts to the ears that will hear and to the nations that will heed and to those who will not neglect my truth.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



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