The Gift Of A Day

This day I give you, oh nations that hail to a Caesar or to flashing images and voices of strange songs.  Yet in this willful sin, I give this day, for there is a nation within that is rising with voices that sing of truth and the way.

A nation within many nations is rising and so I give the gift of another day, a thousand years, time to the offers of space that I might, through my son, call all my children.  Great and feeble hear my voice and rise in strength in hearts or loins.  Great is the day that my chosen and my adopted will stand side by side for you are all of the vine and I am, Father, Abba.

Take this day, hold it, sing your praises that it has been brought forth, a day that is as a thousand years, for this day you claim your place, you call your nation together, hearts are joined over all the lands, over rivers or giant seas.  I have parted the waves of the air, that my people rise and climb and shout the victory that you have conquered the day and healed the hearts of many, and wave the flag of truth so all may see and hear and know.

Rise and give thanks for the gift of day that I might bless you with mighty ways.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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