Go, Search, Hold, Stand. The Lord Is With You

Go into the fray of life, for I am with you, my heaven’s armies surround you because you have called to me.  Go forth to those who hunger and thirst, for you have been nourished with my love, my words and my spirit that you hold the staff, the bread of life.  I have prepared for my nation of nations to rise and I show you from my book of chronologies of my chosen generations, the pitfalls of life, the diversions from a world of much evil.

Search the earth as you search the words of my book of life, for there you find many layers of truths, hidden secrets as gems that I reveal as you seek.  Look to the skies, the clouds the stars and see the finger of my breath, pure, power filled, and touching also to your heart of hearts with the same strokes.

Hold to those words of knowledge and wisdom, to the voice that rings of truth, for I pain with desire that my children turn their ear to hear, for I call, I direct, I always offer a way.  Show others what you have gained in power of the spirit, the manifestations that call, whisper, open doors, pour out golden words and prophecies.  Reach out with love to those who stumble, who hurt and know your voice in the spirit heals.

Stand close to my one, for he is Alpha and Omega, he wears the sun as his crown, he is showing the way of truth and righteousness, he has told you what you should do, what power you will manifest, as he did, because he believed the words of my book of life unto his offering and resurrection till the restoration of my power on earth, that those who believe would be baptized with holy spirit.   God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

And David became more and more powerful, because the LORD of Heaven’s Armies was with him. 1chron11:9nlt

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