The Lord Is Glorious

Nation of blessings, what have you done?  Your sons and daughters have become orphans.  Your leaders hardly seek me, their prayers are said by others, memorized words with no heart.  Bells and incense make not an offering for the safety of your young troops, sent to the lines of battles.   Limbs and lives are shattered.  Children are scattered, hearts are bleeding.  What effect is the strength of a god who loves you when you have not asked, ‘what shall we do?’

Hear your Lord, who seeks you in the bushes, who hears the turning of your thoughts, lost, rushing, spinning, causing restless sleep.  Hear your Lord who calls to you night and day yet you know not the sound of my voice, you have not sought to discover the words that I have set to open your minds that you be not blind.

What have you done, you leaders of a nation that overflows with blessings, yet you thank me not for the abundance of fresh waters, the towering trees that greed sought to topple? Whom have you asked for direction and you heard the many voices?  Yet did you ask me?  Know you not that I am the Lord, the Lord of all nations and that I created all the earth and the heavens and I could be the foundation of your choices.  Come to me you leaders who seek to take a nation and make not your allies, puppets, but will hold up a torch of truth.  I will speak that you hear my voice, that you know which battles are sure that your young soldiers hold victory.

I hear the praise and prayers of those who have come to fountain of living waters, and they will be exalted in heaven, their names written in the book of eternal life.  My voice to them will flow with knowledge and wisdom and love and power, because they have sought, they have found, they have received.  Oh nations, seek that you too find truth and the way.

Oh leaders, lift your eyes to me your Lord that you will hear, that you lead with strength and power as David who exclaimed, “God did it!” Gods Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

O nations of the world, recognize the LORD,

recognize that the LORD is glorious and strong. 1chron16:28nlt


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