You Will Love Eternity

You will love eternity for there will be only life and the abundance of life and joy of life.  Your bodies will be new, full of light and love and flowing with my essence and power.  You will love and live and breathe love and see all things lovely and true for truth will reign and truth is stunning and pure.  And you will see the beginnings and ends of stars and the flights of galaxies.  You will breathe light and drink in the colors of rainbows such as earth has never seen.

Your voices will join with the angels’ in glorious patterns and waves lifting you high as you soar through the clouds and the many skies.  You will know love such as you never imagined, joined with my son, for you will meet him in the clouds, transformed to your glorious bodies as he has prepared the way for you.

Step over the threshold of believing into the realm that is already eternal, for you have staked your faith on the knowledge that my begotten came and died and was raised in his glorious body for he believed, and know you are loved for eternity for you are his and he is mine.  Know your voice of praise resounds in the heavens, fills my eternal heart with joy that I am your God.   Enter my sanctuary with prayer, and I will fill your hearts with joy and love and peace.   Look to my begotten, who calls that you know the way, that you endeavor to forgive as he did, to heal as he did, to know my spirit works within that you caste away every spirit of darkness, that your voice be heard for it I speak within you, that you heal one, a household, a nation.

“Come, oh ye of little faith, ”  My begotten calls to you, “wherefore didst thou doubt.”  Walk across the waters, take his hand and come to the side of eternal and abundant life for you will love eternity and eternity already is.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


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