Leaders Of Nations

We’ll talk about leaders today, and my desire that for the nation of great blessings, in fertile fields, abundant clear waters and many sea shores, turns to me and obey all that I have set and follow in the foundation of your land to trust in me.    Many leaders have put the greedy desires of commerce before the well being of the people, yet I give you freedom to pursue prosperity.  If you rape the fertile fields for greed, you have taken food from the table of future generations.  If you sell the future fruit of the land to other nations that built their cities on sand, you will be under the yoke of their demands.

What striving person has grown in the position to lead, as David grew in ability and power?  Your masses make choices on empty promises with vague hopes.  Change for right will occur when the people speak, and demand that leaders work for truth and not for future votes.   The leaders who have risen have done so on the fanfare of few, that their own needs be met.  Call to the nation of many peoples, call for the power of prayer, call for your leaders to call for me, the God of your nation, call for choices made on truth and righteousness.

Raise the bar of expectation that laws are not set for those who choose weakness for this has been a disease of vast waste, but give freely to those in need, whether your own or those who seek a better place offering a hand for labor.  All who are able men and women should work and help those who are feeble and show the young the sweet rewards of labor and giving for you have raised generations of cowardly and weak with few who will strive and gather strength as they rise in the halls of commerce and science and arts.

I reward those who work heartily as unto me and will turn from those whose desire is to seek riches without labor.  Such are those who seek a crown without striving for it is only for the rewards of the crown and not the rewards of sacrifice to be a true leaders.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


And may the LORD give you wisdom and understanding, that you may obey the Law of the LORD your God as you rule over Israel. 1chron22:12nlt


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