Life And Peace

It is by the spirit, with which you have been willingly set apart, that I give life and peace, for you endeavor and do those things that please me.  When you do that which pleases me, you are a glorious son and daughter, that even my heart shines brighter for it shows that you love me with all your heart, soul and mind.

To what have many minds been controlled?  Worldly endeavors that stir ungodly desires. A mind of a sinful nature is controlled by the whims of pleasure and swiftly undermined by the whips of evil till it is only of darkness or death.   But what is the difference whether a life is in darkness or a life withers in sin?   Who willingly chooses the unknowing depths of the dark side if not of the seed of the evil one?  Those of a simple mind, who shun truth for pleasure, know not yet the consequences of a simple sin that draws to one greater.

Lack of knowledge has many wandering in desert places of their minds, seeking to fill life unfulfilled with silly notions, antique margins of sorcery yet they see it not.  They seek to answer questions that stir, but soon are swayed by yet another doctrine that shines with some truth but not all, for the final destination is an endless cycle that keeps the simple in darkness and in pain.  Fleeting moments of release are sought in offerings of drugs and inducements to altered states.

But life and peace is in the power of the truth, to hear, to read to drink the words of life, that you might have life more than abundant, that you might have a fulfilled prosperity and fruit of your labor, that you awake to each day full of thankfulness that it be a glorious day to live for you live in the realm of my kingdom which you have called to earth.  You choose to live your life in the sanctuary of peace because you chose to follow my begotten when he showed you the way and you found true peace and life eternal.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; Rom8:6niv


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