The Fields Of Battle

Study the scripture of the generations, for I have given these words, histories and chronologies, that you learn what has been in the fields of battle and the land of promise, that you know the spiritual fields of battle and the promise of the new Jerusalem and eternal life.

I have chosen you because you have sought me and found me.  I now anoint you to be my temple, holy and set apart.  Building a temple takes time and fortitude, so be strong in the power of my might knowing it is not of yourselves that you take over the lands of spiritual strongholds.  Know that it is not of yourselves that you battle those evil doers that seek to steal, destroy and kill and that it is with spiritual eyes you see the danger, the dangling anvils of the destroyer.

Study diligently, pray earnestly, give your thanks and praise that others will see the light that shines, the light that cuts the darkness, and pierces the dark hearts and thoughts riled in trepidation, for they will be convicted and cry for your truth or they will be cast aside and no longer stand in your way.

Stand on the voice of truth, speaking firmly in a voice like that of my begotten.  Strive to be very diligent to your words, for they are your weapon in battle, your shield and your beacon, speaking truth with reason in your voice, even if you cast not the pearl.  To be fishers of men, it is with sometimes with the delicacy to sense the passing glimmer of vibration along the line of truth and other times with a net tossed to the masses that many are brought to the fold.  Wisdom will give you the answer.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet



So take this seriously. The LORD has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.”1chron28:10b


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