Discernment Of Spirit

Do you stir with caution?  A flicker of concern, the cringe of anxious questioning?  A ring of warning that only you hear?  For what has your mind been alerted?

Cautions arise when the air is full of stirrings, bitter words whispered as honey, seeds of perdition for the self serving ones who seek their own rewards planted in those of pure but foolish hearts.   What shifts the air about you, that you sense there are words amiss, misused, seeking an antagonizing end that causes division and battles of even families?

The voices of scattering demons work in harmony to build confusion, diverting energy that you be taken off course, that you be in a state of spiritual imbalance, yet you are discerning spirit of the fallen army.

At the first wave that cautions and prickles, stir the spirit within, that which is of me for your battles are not of flesh and blood but with the principalities of the prince of the air and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.  You have been granted authority to cast out the sorcerers of darkness, diverting flailing weapons of no effect, as you wield the shield of faith and the sword of division of good and evil.   Even the calm words you speak will shroud the doer and holder of weeded words that only take root in those full of confusion, ignorance or fear.

Speak forth in full knowledge of the mantle of my begotten and the power of my power, for you carry the full arsenal of my weapons, against which nothing can be formed.   Pray in the spirit for your faithful utterings avails all and seals all.   Stand sure in the power you have accepted as you accepted the risen one as your redeemer, knowing you know yet you see through dimmed glass, for faith is upon the unseen, yet you see with spiritual eyes and know fruit of the spirit, and are strengthening in the inner man to the discernment of spirit whether of my angels or of the rank and file of the fallen and evil ones.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.


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