Who Will Ask For Wisdom

Ask and I give, oh kings of the nations, but few have asked for wisdom.  You seek power for what ends?  Do you long for the sacrifice of the crown for gain only?  That is a costly gain, you and your children will forfeit much for you to choose such a seat.  For nations where father’s don’t raise up their children in the circle of such an office, few are prepared to take the reigns of guiding a people, for what service have they learned  if all they’ve done is but stand to throw useless words about that have been gathered by others.

Kings of nations in the rising, study those who have gone before you, seek knowledge of also the generals of great armies, for you will have many heavy decisions that you can’t know till the time appointed and you have grown to battle in these arenas.

Ask and I will give you wisdom and knowledge, but you must commit your every thought to me and not bow to the voices who speak of greed and fear, yet you have your circle of advisors.   Seek not the seer for you will weigh a heavy debt on your nation.   Be sure that you desire to relinquish your life, for you sacrifice much in the office of king.

But if you endeavor with a clear heart, I will be there in the night, I will guide you in the day.  I will offer the caste of my heavens armies that they surround you and protect you.  I will give the words that must be spoken and the force to implement those things that will bring flailing nations to strength.  But hamper free will, for that is a gift from my lips, and I will turn away, for I would that those who turn to me, do so of their hearts.   For those who choose the pathways of sin, and repent not, they will find their reward.

Seek to offer sustenance to those who have served rightly and no longer able to lift a hand  in labor, offer a bridge of bread to those willing to serve and stand up to the work offered.  But many forefathers have created a mass of writhing need in the nation of great blessings, in wasteful offerings to satisfy the hungry who sit on one hand and extend the other for their feed.   He who can must do.  He who refuses and can must not be given the fruit of those who labor.

This is the way to a prosperous nation, that all strive for prosperity.  Yet in many nations, generations have bred monsters of greed who have stolen the fruit of the land.  Those resources belong to me not to the hands that have grabbed for only themselves, building fortresses that cause laws for their own.  I have created many places rich in soil and gold, and great reserves hidden in deep places.   These are for all not for a few.  Who will stand up to the giants to take that which belongs to the nation’s prosperity?  Who is willing to be king, fearless to fight, whose arm is ready to strike?  Who will ask for wisdom?  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Proph


I will certainly give you the wisdom and knowledge you requested. But I will also give you wealth, riches, and fame such as no other king has had before you or will ever have in the future!”2chron 1:12nlt


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